Thursday, March 11, 2010

2 more followers!

Hey Everyone it's Keeley AKA luv_pink_fab ... anyways me and Tiana are back on stardoll and running this blog again we will be starting just us 2 off then we will see how we go when we get our full comittee/team sooo... we will let you know with all those facts later on hhaa... soo incase you have forgoten what i looked like this is me

BTW GUYS!!! We need 2 more followers soo we will build on as we go on from now but we are trying exstreamly hard just too get 2 more followers so then we will have 20 people on giving us the feed back but for now you can simply give feedback anywayss.. just comment or subscribe or even in the future if you become a fan of our mailing list we will give you your daily newsletterss soo .. we have big plans for further notice and we will get back to you on basically EVERYTHING soo don't stress out just contact us..

Keeley - luv_pink_fab
Tiana - tianaroxorange

Thankss guyss you mean alot to uss... SERIOUS!!

xox Keeley!!!

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