Monday, January 18, 2010

We want 1sd back!

Stardoll has seemed to be getting too many replies on "1sd back" And in one insident stardoll were going to close down because of the replies were clogging up there system and it's understandable but we won't stop until we get the 1sd back its so unfair how they wot give it back all they need to do is put it up again and also they have lost over 300 - 2500 thousand members on board because of it!!

Lets go to callies guesybook to see what is up now!

So this is what i found when i looked there! 4 loverly medolls begging for it! c'mon stardoll we wont quit until we get it and if we dont end up getting it well i guess stardoll will go down because its so unfair how no superstars carn't buy anything at all!!!

- Keeley X

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