Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Druged love!

DanPuffs and Perezstargossip have been all over stardoll for yonks and everyone is thinking yep they are really close friends, well they are!! they are also DATING! yep, So perez and Dan are together and they had a fight a couple of nights ago and dan got bashed up! well he could be in jail for 3 months but it has passed the subject that they made up again and they are spending as much time away from eachother for the spring holiday! He is using drugs to keep him going and we will see what perez says about that!

Meanwhile that afternoon we couldn't get in contact with her and i brought a new born puppy to dan just to give to her as a loverly present to appreciate there love and keep her not so bored!!

So hope they are going well and we will see if he ends up in jail unless its a pass on the second float!(CLICK ON THE IMAGE TO VIEW IT LARGER)

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