Monday, December 28, 2009


Ok well my post is going to be on the Stardoll shops.
What is worth buying? Well we will take a look at that.
Stardoll shops consist of 39 shops, that are all full of clothes, make-up hair stuff and celeb. And some say prices have gone through the roof and just think is it a really fair price? I think not! You buy Stardollars with real money to get items on Stardoll, but some of the prices for stardoll are just horrible. :(
Well some of the popular stores are: Voile - Holiday boutique,LE - Limited edition (every time it comes out), DKNY, and many more. They sell expensive clothes, but think is it OK to spend so much on pixelated clothes? When just think all the money you spent on Stardoll could buy something awesome in real life, that`s my biggest regret spending money on a stupid internet site. And the old DKNY, MKA RC, Enchanted dresses, stardollians charge like $1000 for it. That is just ridiculous!!!

Well I proved my point. :D

xoxo Tiana

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