Thursday, December 24, 2009


Hi 5 Star Insider readers! I'd just like to post a quick note saying hello! I'm Summer, and I'm one of your new writers. You can view me on Stardoll as hot_stuff_mwa98. A few facts about me is: I have an adorable little puppy called Caitie, and she will be turning one next week! I absulotely LOVE sushi, and without it I think I wouldn't survive. My family & friends also keep me sane. I love to go surfing, and spend a lot of my time on the beach.
If you have a few ideas of what I could post about, or if you see something that catches your eye (e.g. great suites, new DKNY etc.), send me a request saying you are a reader of Keeley's blog, I will then accept, and then you can simply send me a doll-mail about whatever you found!
Well, that's it for now!
Summer x

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