Monday, December 21, 2009

The Covergirl

Is this a lovely or a downer?
She done her makeup nice but a bit over done. And the dress is just gorgeous. Her user name is yerushh and she`s 14.
She don`t want friends? Because she don`t want to add none she don`t know. Add she does have pictures of her self on her presentation. Which is kind of unsafe. Well I don`t get this? Why would she not want people to add her yet she would put pictures of her self on her page? Eh?

Her winnings:
-covergirl 3rd place
-covergirl 2nd place
-covergirl 4th place
-covergirl 1st place!
-brodcast 3rd place.

She also has a sucessful club with 969 called 'LOSTURK'.

And lastly she has a beautiful suite. :D

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